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Fancy a mess free car?


The Tidy Freaks!!

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Kids Backseat Litter Bin Buddies

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Tidy Freaks are the perfect travelling companion for your littering little ones.

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Our cars don't need to become travelling trash cans anymore. Now that the Tidy Freaks are here we can keep our kids and cars clean and happy. These child friendly bins are always hungry and never shy about asking for more.They're the perfect travelling companion for your little, littering buddy.
Tidy freaks - Car Bin
Hi I'm the leader of the Tidy Freaks, my appetite for sweetie wrappers and empty crisp packets is legendary. Feed me and watch my tummy grow!
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I love anything made of plastic, but I especially likes half eaten sweeties. Feed me your rubbish and watch my tummy grow - just watch your fingers on the way out!
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I have always loved lollipops, but a good crinkly wrapper really makes my day. Just put your left overs in and watch my tummy grow!
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With the velcro strap

Tidy freaks - Car Bin

We Can Gobble
Up A Lot!

Tidy freaks - Car Bin